3 Of The Biggest Mistakes Homewoners Make Trying To Achieve A Dry Basement

Whether you have a basement that turns into a wading pool when it rains heavily or just stays so damp that it is barely useful for anything, there is no question that moisture in your basement can be an all-out nightmare. Any homeowner knows that water where it should not be in a home is never a good thing. The stress of creating a drier place to prevent water damage will have you going to extraordinary lengths to try and rectify the problem on your own before you eventually have to call a waterproofing contractor for help. Here are three of the biggest mistakes homeowners make during their DIY waterproofing attempts.

Flop: Assuming that waterproof paint will fix the problem.

Waterproof paint is a good thing in some scenarios. It works well as a component of a comprehensive waterproofing attempt. However, when used alone, it is very unlikely that you will notice much of a difference. While this water-repelling paint does a good job of repelling water, it will not do anything to really stop water from coming into the basement. It can only withstand so much moisture anyway before it will also start to break down.

Flop: Working to eliminate the problem only from the inside.

Any good waterproofing contractor will tell you that a leaky basement is not just an interior problem. The issue will have to be addressed from every angle. In a lot of cases, there is something going on with the exterior of your home that is contributing to the water problem. This could be something as simple as the ground being sloped in the wrong direction or something as drastic as a foundation that is deteriorating from the outside. 

Flop: Trying to fix the symptoms, but not the actual cause of the problem.

Perhaps one of the bigger mistakes that homeowners can make is to disregard the actual problem and only focus on solving the symptoms. You may go out and get a good sump pump to pump water into a drain when it comes in or invest in a dehumidifier to pull moisture out of the air. However, these are solutions only for the symptoms of the real issue and you are doing nothing to fix the source of the problem.

When it comes down to it, you are much better off to just go ahead and call a waterproofing contractor that specializes in waterproofing and water damage for professional help right from the start. You could spend a lot of time and money trying to handle a situation that you likely know little about and a professional can usually get straight to the problem and eliminate it altogether. To learn more speak with someone like ServiceMaster by Restoration Xperts.