Tips For Preventing Water Damage Until Flood Restoration Professionals Arrive

If you even have to deal with a flood in your home either from natural disaster or plumbing issues in your home, then you want to be sure that you know what to do to help prevent as much water damage as possible. First of all, you are going to have to call flood restoration professionals who have all the right equipment and experience to help remove water from the home. However, while you are waiting for their arrival, there are a few things that you will want to do to help make the process a bit easier for everyone:

  • Mop and Blot: If the flood has occurred in a carpeted room, then you are going to want to use towels to help blot up the wet areas. If it has occurred on hard floor surfaces, such as hardwood floors, then you should use a mop to soak up as much of the water as possible. By doing this, you can potentially save your flooring from having to be replaced. 
  • Care for Wood Furniture: Wood is really susceptible to rot in wet conditions, which is why you want to try and salvage the wood furniture in the flooded area as best as possible. Be sure to wipe all excess water off of it to help prevent it from seeping into the wood causing rotting.
  • Use Aluminum Foil: Under all the legs of your furniture, place aluminum foil underneath. This is going to separate the furniture from the soaked floor, which will help to prevent water damage to the legs of the furniture, which are typically made from wood and can rot and make the furniture collapse. 
  • Remove Colored Rugs: All colored rugs need to be removed and placed in a dry area, such as the garage or outside where it will not damage the floor underneath it. If you leave it in the wet room or you place it on carpet or sensitive flooring, such as hardwood, the color can leak and leave stains on the flooring underneath it. 
  • Turn on AC: To help with the drying process, you will want to try turning on the AC. However, you should only do this if the flood has occurred in the summer when the warm weather conditions makes the air humid, which prevents maximum drying and can lead to mold growth. 

By following these tips, you will find that the flood restoration process can be much easier and will save you money on both the labor costs for the professionals you have hired and replacement costs on furniture and flooring.