Places Where Asbestos Could Be Hiding Inside Your House

Asbestos is a construction material that was used in the 80's and 90's, primarily because it is fire resistant. It was not until after it was used in the construction of many homes that the material started to become scrutinized because of the threat the material presented to people's health.  It led to the material being banned in many countries, and should be removed from homes whenever possible to protect the health of those living in it.

Asbestos material was commonly used for insulation, as well as materials like exterior cladding and ceiling tiles.  Unfortunately, not all uses of asbestos are that obvious.  Here are a few places it could be hiding in your house.

The Bathroom

Asbestos can be incredibly durable and strong, which is why it is used to construct solid materials.  It made for a great material for home fixtures, especially in the bathroom.  Toilets are one of those fixtures, which includes the toilet seat as well as the water tank.

If you have an older toilet and are concerned about it being made using asbestos materials, contact an asbestos removal company.  With information such as the style and manufacturer of the toilet, they can help you identify if it possibly has asbestos in it.

The Roof

A common material made with asbestos was roofing felt. Depending on how old your roof is, there may be some of that felt hiding underneath your current roofing shingles. Thankfully, this isn't a dangerous place for the asbestos to live on the outside of your home, but you need to be concerned when it comes to roof replacement.

If you are able to get a professional to identify the roofing felt as a kind that contains asbestos, you need to have the material replaced before the roof deteriorates.  Extra care will also need to be taken when removing the old roof.

Walls and Ceiling

Asbestos was used to decorate homes by adding texture to the walls and ceiling.  It's possible that the asbestos is hidden under many layers of paint at this point.  While it won't pose a threat unless the texture is deteriorating, you need to have the asbestos carefully removed if you are going to do a remodeling job that removes the texture.  The fibers will be in the air while removing it, and become a major health hazard.

If you think you have asbestos somewhere in your house, always have a professional, like one from Delfa Contracting LLC, help identify it and assist with removing it.