Tips For Handling A Plumbing Emergency

When a home encounters plumbing problems, the effects can be inconvenient, if not disastrous. Unfortunately, homeowners will simply assume that there is nothing that can be done to minimize the risk of plumbing problems developing or prepare for when these issues arise. Read on for some steps you can take.

Protect The Pipes Against Freezing

Frozen pipes can be one of the leading causes of a plumbing emergency. If the pipes to a home are allowed to freeze, they can rupture due to the pressure caused by the water expanding as it freezes. When the temperature drops below freezing, you may find that allowing the faucets to steadily drip can help to prevent the pipes from freezing because moving water is less likely to completely freeze. Furthermore, you can use insulation or pipe-thawing systems to help prevent the water in the pipes from getting cold enough to be at risk of freezing.

Know How To Turn Off The Flow Of Water To Each Area Of The Home

Just as your home's electrical system uses a series of fuses and circuit breakers to control which areas of the home receive power, your plumbing will use a series of control valves. When a portion of your plumbing system encounters serious problems, you may be able to reduce the damage by using these valves to stop the flow of water. Unfortunately, there are homeowners that are not aware of the location of these valves in their home. Without this information, it could be impossible for a person to react quickly to any plumbing emergencies that may arise. In addition to reviewing the location of these valves, it can also be beneficial to test these valves every year to ensure that they are not stuck or otherwise difficult to use.

Be Prepared To Contact An Emergency Plumber As Quickly As Possible

While there are steps that can effectively reduce the risk of encountering serious plumbing problems, it may not be possible to completely eliminate that risk. Therefore, you will want to have the contact information for an emergency plumbing readily available. By investing the time into finding a local emergency plumbing that has positive reviews, accepts your homeowner's insurance, and provides 24-hour service, you will be able to quickly schedule repairs. Contact companies like VINES PLUMBING & WATER RESTORATION to learn more about emergency plumbing services so that you can be prepared in the future.